Libertarian Life

Hi there.

This is my own little place to talk about libertarianism.  Not primarily as a political discussion but as an everyday life philosophy.

I think that because of the political focus, libertarianism gets taken less credibly than it should.  In fact, when most people get a chance to discuss it as a life philosophy, they realize that they are more libertarian than they ever realized.

The libertarian life philosophy isn’t all about selfishness and treating society as nothing more than a feeding trough for greedy people, though that’s one of the most common aspersions I see, especially by uninformed or mis-informed people or by those who have some sort of populist philosophy that subverts the individual to being fodder for an omnipresent society.

I have made comments available for the posts here because my purposes for this include to invite discussion and clear up misconceptions.  I want to let you all know though that while I have no problem agreeing to disagree, this is my blog and I am not here to argue or have rude, obnoxious people harassing people who want to have genuine, reasonable and rational polite discussion.  We do not feed trolls here.

Having said that, read on MacDuff!